Mini Sky Bowl (10-15g capacity)

$37.50 USD

Premium Hookah Bowl by ShishaBucks made from Anodized Aluminum with Silicone sleeve that holds 10-15g of shisha (enough to last from 40 minutes to 1 hour session).

Mini Sky Bowl Review by m2i5k6e6 (Reddit)

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Made from Anodized Aluminum with addition of Silicone sleeve on the side that makes Sky Bowl unbreakable and almost indestructible.

Holds 10-15 grams of shisha (depends on the pack).

Aluminum evenly cooks the shisha from all sides while silicone retains the heat and allows safe handling.

Compatible with all heat manager devices on the market via a special groove on the rim.

Grommet is included.

Colored anodizing coating (except natural silver color) might fade overtime due to heat exposure.

Designed in Toronto, Canada.

Height – 72 mm
Width – 80 mm
Lip diameter – 76 mm
Chamber diameter – 16 mm
Maximum grommet opening – 22 mm
Weigh – 225 grams
Holds up to 15 grams of shisha
Materials: 6000-series aluminum with anodizing coating and heat-resistant silicone with matte finish