How to choose a hookah for home use?

Smoking hookahs has throughout history been a distinguished part of Eastern culture. This tradition has little by little spread throughout all the continents and is now easily accessible in all parts of the world. In this article we will clarify some of the subtleties that are important to consider when choosing the ideal hookah for at home use.

First, two types of hookahs can be distinguished: there are souvenir hookahs and there are functional hookahs. There is a general opinion that a real hookah must necessarily come from Syria, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia, while Egyptian or Turkish hookahs serve purely a decorative purpose. This opinion however is rather archaic and does not encompass the wealth of innovation and reengineering that has gone into new and modernly designed hookahs. At the end of the day, everything is dependent on the quality of the hookah itself, regardless of its place of production.


This is probably the first criteria by which a hookah is selected. It is believed that the taller the hookah, the better it smokes. In reality, it is almost impossible to notice the difference of smoking quality based sheerly on height. In addition, it is believed that the smoke undergoes better cleaning as a result of the elongated height. In reality, only 10% of the substances settle on the walls of the shaft. The main part is filtered by the liquid through which the smoke passes. It is actually the diameter of the shaft that affects the thrust, not the height of the shaft. As such, the height of a device serves more of a functional and aesthetic component rather than a practical one. If you like to travel and want the hookah to always be with you, it is much more convenient to transport, of course, a smaller, shorter device. In general, it is better to select the height empirically, based on what you are looking for, and not outdated stereotypes and presumptions.

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Bases vary drastically. They can be made of metal, glass, plastic, even quartz and crystal, whatever your heart desires. The metal flask will not break, but it is more difficult to care for it because of its potential to be corrosive in nature, and besides, the water level is not visible in it. Glass flasks are the most common, their most obvious drawback is the fragility of glass. Crystal and quartz flasks are considered the best, having all the advantages of glass, they are also durable, however the biggest drawback is the associated cost. The best choice of base quality would ultimately however be acrylic (plastic). Acrylic is durable, see-through, corrosion proof and easy to clean.

Heat Manager Device (stratus)

Another asset of the hookah industry is a stratus. This simple device is an excellent replacement for the foil used to fit around a shisha bowl. A stratus is a circular aluminium container with a rotational lid and a system of open vents or wholes. The principle of using the device is extremely simple. Smouldering coals are placed inside the container, and it is placed on top of a bowl of tobacco. If you are purchasing a hookah for your home, do not forget about such nuances as stratus as it makes for a much more efficient and easier smoking experience. A well-thought-out coal heating device will significantly add comfort to the process of enjoying fragrant smoke.

Shishabucks premium stratus shown on-top of a bowl


An important parameter for a hose is its inner diameter. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to smoke. As for the material that is used to make hoses, silicone is considered the best. Rubber, thick foil and disposable polypropylene hoses are also produced. Silicone hoses are ultimately the most progressive material and provide flexibility and durability. They do not accumulate odors from previous smoking sessions and are extremely easy to care for. A silicone hose needs to only be rinsed with warm water after each smoky session.

Absolutely every hose is complemented by a mouthpiece (often referred to as a handle). This element of the hookah design is needed for comfortable smoking, and is in direct contact with the smoker’s mouth. Mouthpieces can be made of glass or various metals. There are also plastic and rubber options – these materials are however used to make disposable mouthpieces typically reserved for individual use. If you plan on using your hookah with friends, or outside of your home, then a disposable mouthpiece is a mandatory purchase.  After all, no one canceled the observance of the rules of personal hygiene!


The entirety of the hookah must seal tightly and with ease. The hookah must be entirely sealed to allow for the best smoking experience. To check the tightness of the already assembled hookah, remove the cup and, plugging the top hole with your finger, pull the air through the mouthpiece – the air should not pass. If the hookah has a valve, then blow through the mouthpiece, the air should exit through the valve.

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